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C.A.R.E. stands for Creating Awareness, Restoring Environments

First, it is important to lose the image of “tree huggers” and environmental radicals. That is not what RR is about and not what we are talking about here. In the C.A.R.E. Center we talk about ways to improve the world around us, one person at a time, one community at a time.

We believe that positive change doesn’t happen by force. We have to be conscious of the reasons why it is necessary and agree to do our part. The problem is, unless we feel a personal sense of urgency, it’s easy to tune out, sit back, and do nothing. 

We have to want to make the change.
We have to want a cleaner planet.
We have to want to take control and stop ourselves each day from polluting or damaging the environment.

It’s up to us – each of us – to make the change, to stand up and say, “I CARE.”

Did you know that one tree can take 60,937 pounds per year of carbon dioxide out of the air over its lifetime? That’s a lot of CO2.

At Restoration Resources we have planted over 1 million trees and shrubs. That means we’ve helped Nature remove almost 161 BILLION pounds of carbon dioxide out of the air every year. 


What have you done today?

Be sure to check out www.carbonfootprint.com for great ideas for your home, work and travel.



What can you do?
Anyone can do something for the environment every day. Pick up a piece of trash, recycle your bottles, cans and other materials, volunteer during a community Creek Week or other event in your area, or simply ride your bike instead of driving. Everyone knows what to do. It’s the choice we make to do those small things that makes the difference.

Do you CARE enough to make a difference?

What do you CARE about?
Do you care about animals, trees, water, the air? If you do then you are in the right place. These are Nature’s features and creatures that make our lives enjoyable.

If there weren’t animals, we wouldn’t have zoos or Sea World to visit and learn about all the weird and wonderful animals from around the world. If there weren’t any trees there wouldn’t be any forests to visit and hike in. If we stop caring about our water, all the fish and plants and animals will stop existing, making human life less interesting and ultimately, less viable.

So what do you care about? Find out what it is and get involved. You can’t make a difference in the world if all you do is talk. Stand up, make the choice, and make a difference today!