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Community Outreach

“We believe in the conservation and protection of our natural resources. We are literally creating and restoring wildlife habitats so that generations to come will have the opportunity to enjoy those same natural areas.”
—Chris Swift

C.A.R.E Center

In the C.A.R.E. Center we talk about ways to improve the world around us, one person at a time; one community at a time. We discuss actions you can take to show that you care. You’ll also find links to California cities/counties, nonprofits and home builders that demonstrate responsible environmental stewardship. [read more]

Carbon Reduction

Here's a detailed list of things you can do right now to reduce your contribution to global warming. Even simple changes will reduce your carbon footprint at home, at work, on the road, and at the store. A little willingness goes a long way toward saving our planet! [read more]



Open space communities

Restoration Resources has partnered with some of California’s most forward-thinking developers to assure that natural habitats and open spaces are incorporated into their community plans. We invite you to visit and enjoy the beauty and life these habitats provide for both human – and wildlife – residents.

[read more]

What's in my open space?

The definition of “open space” vs. what lands can be developed varies widely from city to city, town to town. We include this section as a resource so that you will be able to recognize, enjoy, and, if necessary, advocate for open space in your community. [read more]


Native Landscapes
& Habitats

If we are serious about saving our environment, Californians (in fact, all of us) need to rethink our concept of “landscaping.” This section explains the many benefits of native plants, plants to remove/avoid, and how to turn your yard into a haven for wildlife. [read more]

Local Events

Restoration Resources likes to support groups that share our views on balancing Nature and community. This section lists local organizations that RR employees belong to, volunteer for, and/or participate in, with links to each organization’s calendar of events. See you there! [read more]