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“Our solutions help our clients meet their mitigation obligations so they can move forward with their projects, avoid fines, and restore valuable habitat.”

Restoration Resources is a pioneer in the field of restoration ecology. Our sole objective is meeting our clients’ needs while holding true to our company mission of producing high quality, lasting plant and wildlife habitats.

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Our company is structured into four independent yet interrelated departments:
  • Wetland & Wildlife Habitat Consulting & Design
  • Habitat Restoration & Creation
  • Habitat & Open Space Management
  • Erosion Control

Our internal systems have been designed to optimize our agency relationships, be cost-effective and to arrive at solutions in the shortest timeframe possible. These systems have made Restoration Resources one of the most sought-after companies in California for issues related to mitigation and restoration of natural environments.

Company Philosophy

Imagine a company founded on passion and driven by commitment and you will know who we are. Restoration Resources is defined by its people and a company culture that believes in giving back to our communities through the restoration of wildlife habitat.

As a family-owned and operated company Restoration Resources strives to make each employee an extended member of the Swift family. It is because of our inclusive family circle that Restoration Resources is the successful company it is today. Our clients also experience this welcoming, family environment. They choose to come back again and again – not just for the results we deliver, but because of the unique experience we provide.


Company Vision

Restoration Resources’ vision incorporates the need to balance economic development with the preservation and restoration of natural environments in which wild things live and prosper and where human visitors find their lives enriched by the experience.

Our vision includes RR as the preeminent ecological restoration company in the state. Our vision of the future of California includes our company continuously striving to improve the quality of life for all its residents: human, plant and animal.