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“Restoration Resources is a perfect example of business evolution.”

Since the inception of our company, when the industry was so small you could count the number of providers on one hand, RR has set the bar high. Techniques and designs RR has developed over the years have become industry standard, many of which are now citied by Government Regulatory Agencies as the design and implementation standard practice.  RR continues to draw from our extensive experience to further refine and develop our industry leading design and construction methods:

  • Wildland planting techniques
  • Innovative drip and overhead irrigation systems
  • Wetland creation and water management facilities
  • Native grassland seeding and establishment methods
  • Control of exotic invasive weed species in wildland habitats

RR: The Early Years

In 1979 Riley Swift and a business partner founded Sierra View Landscape, Inc. (SVL) a commercial and residential landscaping design/build firm. Riley grew Sierra View into a successful contracting firm with a niche – large commercial and custom home landscaping.

The Transformation

Fertilized by Riley’s education and personal passion for wildlife biology and his past experience with state and federal regulatory agencies, the idea for a new kind of landscape contracting company took shape.

For years Riley had been witnessing vernal pool land around his Lincoln, CA home being filled for housing and commercial development. He got the idea of relocating vernal pools for the replacement of vernal pools lost to development. He mentioned his idea to an environmental consultant colleague who said, “Oh, you mean mitigation banking.”

This was in 1989, and Riley’s “mitigation banking” concept was already being tossed around within the regulatory agencies. Validation of his idea lit a fire within him, spurring him to find a new partner and develop the mitigation bank concept into a new business venture.

Sierra View thus shifted its focus from traditional custom landscape installation to native habitat design and construction. In 1991 Riley formed Wildlands Inc. and spent the next five years searching for land, writing plans and designing the first wetland mitigation bank west of the Mississippi.

In 1993 SVL began construction on the Sheridan Mitigation Bank in Sheridan, CA – a property still owned by the Swift family and now called Silvergate.


In 1995 The Sheridan Mitigation Bank received “Best Large Project Award” from the Association of Environmental Professionals.

In 1996 the California Department of Fish & Game named SVL/Wildlands “Conservationist of the Year.”

A New Name & Focus

From 1994 to 2000 SVL and Wildlands worked both together and separately. In 2001 Riley Swift and SVL ended their association with Wildlands.

In 2002 we changed our name to Restoration Resources and moved to Rocklin, CA. This new name better reflects the company’s habitat restoration expertise and focus.