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Here at the RR Teachers’ Table you will find curriculum tools related to the natural environment including: wetlands, endangered species, water quality, regulations, and more. 

It is our hope that through this section of the website you, the teacher, will be able to empower your students with the respect and knowledge of the natural environments around them. Both understanding and respect are necessary to build a better world.

You are your students’ inspiration. Inspire change, inspire hope, inspire them any way you can.

Restoration Resources is here to support you any way we can.

In this effort we are utilizing the assistance of two smart and fun characters named Kit and Burt. Kit is a San Joaquin Kit Fox. Burt is a Burrowing Owl. Both are California state-listed endangered species. We created Kit and Burt as a way to make learning fun and memorable.

The Restoration Resources Public Relations department is also here to assist you in setting up free in-class demonstrations, presentations, field trips and more. Contact us by phone, email or fax. We are ready to help you create Citizen Scientists in your class.


Field Trips to Silvergate and Butte County Vernal Pool Preserve and Freshwater Marsh

A proven way to grab students’ attention is to take them out of the classroom and bring them to a place filled with trees, birds, bugs and dirt. The owners of Restoration Resources have two private wildlife ranches, one in Placer County, California called Silvergate and the other in Butte County called the Butte County Vernal Pool Preserve and Freshwater Marsh.

We’d like to offer you the opportunity to bring your students here. Silvergate has something for every age group – from kindergarteners to undergrads and post-docs.

Field trips are only allowed during certain times of the year (March through May) and the dates are limited so you must reserve your space early. Click the link PDF “Field Trip Application” to email the field trip coordinator.

You will be contacted within one week of the receipt of your application.

We look forward to welcoming you for a truly inspirational visit!

View Sample Field Trip Worksheets (pdfs):
Swimming in a vernal pool.
Who Lives here?
Plants, Plants, Everywhere.
View Photos >>


Lesson Plans

We know how difficult it can be to get students interested in learning about science. The first step in this process is to create a fun and engaging lesson plan that will grab the students’ attention. We have created a list of 20 different lesson plans for 5th-8th grade science classrooms (there are some cross-curriculum ideas as well). 

Download the PDF Lesson Plans page and take your pick from the list of creative, interactive lessons and units that have already been aligned to the California Content Standards for Science. And don’t forget, when a lesson calls for a field trip to a Nature preserve, please contact us to set up your day of fun. 


Socratic Seminar

This teaching tool can be used at the end of any of the above lesson plan units to close your topic.  Students will use higher level thinking skills, taking them to the analysis, synthesis, and evaluation levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy. 

Download and print the PDF Socratic Seminar Lesson Plan and the PDF Socratic Dialogue Worksheet and your students will be on their way to thinking like Socrates!