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Mitigation Banks

Mitigation Banks

What are Mitigation Banks:

Mitigation banking creates the opportunity to preserve, restore, enhance and create habitat and wetlands by consolidating many smaller mitigation projects into larger and potentially more ecologically viable sites. The consolidation of many projects into larger and more cohesive mitigation allows for increased ecological diversity typically resulting in greater wetland and habitat function and value. Mitigation Banking is subject to very specific state and federal regulatory oversight including monitoring and performance standards to ensure the highest degree of success. If properly implemented and regulated, mitigation banks can provide for improved surety in the permitting process and greater reliability in timing and costs.

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Available Credits:

  • Silvergate
  • Dove Ridge
  • Porter Ranch
  • Our Services Include:
    • Consulting
    • Opportunities and Constraints Analysis
    • Mitigation/Restoration Plan preparation
    • Mitigation/Restoration Design
    • Cost Estimating
    • Habitat Construction
    • Habitat Management
    • Monitoring
    • Reporting