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Silvergate Mitigation Bank

Located 1 mile west of Sheridan, Placer County, California and originally known as the Wildlands Mitigtion Bank, the 655 acre Silvergate Mitigation Bank supports over 57 acres of created vernal pool habitat, 216 acres of seasonal-perennial marsh complex, 35 acres of riparian wetland/woodland habitat, 65 acres of VELB shrublands, and 310 acres of restored annual-perennial grasslands. The site supports a myriad of native plants and wildlife for at least a part of their life cycles including 19 state and federally listed species.

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Available Credits
  • Vernal Pool Creation
  • Seasonal Wetland & Riparian Marsh Creation
  • Valley Elderberry Longhorn Beetle
  • Burrowing Owl
  • Valley Oak
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