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Home owner associations

You are a new home owner. Congratulations! And you have been elected to your community’s HOA – big congratulations!

To be a successful member of your HOA Board of Directors or a special committee is a big responsibility. HOAs deal with complex issues that affect the entire community. They must rely on timely input from outside professionals.

Restoration Resources is where you will want to turn when it’s time to address your “open space” compliance issues.

As an Environmental Consulting/Design/Build/Maintain firm we are fully apprised of all state and federal laws associated with these valuable natural features and the conditions which HOAs are saddled with in terms of performance of the site.


We can provide:
  • Mitigation and restoration site maintenance, monitoring and report preparation
  • Noxious weed control
  • Animal damage control
  • Water management
  • Target plant replacement
  • Monitoring plant diseases and insect damage
  • Fence installation and repair
  • Trail design and construction
  • Interpretive area design and construction
  • Assurance of public safety

Currently we manage over 25 sites ranging in size from 3 acres to over 600 acres.
Contact us anytime for a free consultation and cost estimate.