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Successful mitigation habitats and natural open space corridors need ongoing oversight and care. Nothing in Nature remains static. Living systems respond to short-term disturbances and long-term shifts in environmental factors such as temperature, rain fall and drainage patterns. It is important that the stewards of these lands understand the trajectory of natural plant community succession in light of the goals and commitments of the projects that created them. It is critical that stewards respond timely and appropriately to unwanted disturbances or changes to protect the intent and integrity of their site’s natural values.

Once mitigation obligations have been met, Nature will take its course. However, for the long term – especially in floodways and fire-prone areas – successful mitigation habitats and natural open spaces need ongoing professional oversight. Of particular concern to Home Owners Associations, land owners and conservation easement holders charged with the protection of natural habitat values and protection of adjacent developed properties are the following issues:

  • Invasive Exotic Weed Control
  • Animal Damage Control
  • Water Management/Water Quality
  • Target Plant Replacement
  • Fuel Load Reduction
  • Fire Break Maintenance
  • Fence Maintenance and Repair
  • Signage Maintenance
  • Interpretive Enhancements

Restoration Resources practices true “adaptive management” for all aspects of the habitat establishment process. We design and install each habitat to ensure long-term success. However, if certain conditions change we adapt management techniques as necessary to keep the site growing toward desired goals.

RR’s team of restoration ecologists and maintenance staff specialize in the successful development of native plant communities, providing the full range of site-specific services.

RR can help with:
  • Monitoring plant diseases and insect damage and creating management plans
  • Monitoring for plant composition, survivorship, health and vigor
  • Preparing reports for regulatory agencies or governing bodies
  • Long-term care of open space corridors for public safety, aesthetic appeal, and multiple habitat values
Our Services Include:
  • Wetland and ESA Consulting
  • Opportunities and Constraints Analyses
  • Mitigation and Monitoring Plan Preparation
  • Mitigation/Restoration Design
  • Cost Estimating
  • Habitat Construction
  • Habitat Management (short- and long term)