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“I think you guys do a great job.”
—Mitch Bertrero, Forecast Homes/K. Hovnanian Homes

Bring the natural and human communities together.

We provide services for development projects, infrastructure projects and agricultural operations. We work with Land Developers and Land Owners whenever natural resources are involved. Whether you are a land owner interested in enhancing natural features on your property or a land developer evaluating a piece of property for acquisition, we can help.

We have assessed over 30,000 acres for natural resource habitat values and planned over 18,000 acres of private property for natural resource habitat development. Working with our associates we have permitted hundreds of projects using a variety of strategies addressing wetlands, endangered species and oak tree issues. We have designed 25,000 acres of native habitat in California and successfully constructed over 10,000 acres of native habitat for mitigation and restoration purposes.

We offer:
  • Evaluation of your site for its existing and potential future ecological habitat value
  • Planning, design and build of critical habitat for mitigation purposes, (off-site and on-site)
  • Restoration planning, , design and build of natural habitats for private and public enjoyment
  • Design collaboration for human and natural community interface planned for the benefit of both